Applications of Photography

Photography is the practice of taking images by recording light and other types of electromagnetic radiation, either electronically using an image sensor or chemically by using light-sensitive material like photographic film. There are many different applications of photography used within the industry. Some of the ones that I am going to be discussing are: photojournalism, […]

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Written Evaluation

I am quite pleased with the outcome of my final images, considering that I changed my theme last minute. I think that my target audience would be people, mainly between the ages of 17-27, who feel very strongly about the current state of UK politics, due to the graffiti that I saw and captured on […]

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Online Sketchbook

Practice Shots: Had I not left this assignement so late, my practice shots would’ve had one theme and would be slightly more organised. However I believe the main theme from these images falls under the ‘street’ ategory, which is the theme my final images fall under anyway. Darkroom Prints:  These are some prints that I have […]

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Photography Portfolio

Final Images: Creative Thinking: I was originally going to take portraits of people for my final project, to show how they identify and express themselves. However, I came across this graffiti in Totnes and decided that I wanted to change my theme to street/social documentary/ political. The graffiti was done in Totnes overnight before the 2017 […]

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Unit 57: Photography

Portraiture Photography Portraiture photography is one of the most common genres of photography and is usually of a photo person, or group of people that captures their personality and identity. Portraits are traditionally of a subjects head and shoulders, however they can also be full body shots. A lot of the time, they are commissioned […]

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Unit 57: The history of photograms

A photogram is a photographic image that is very similar to an x-ray. It’s a shadow-like photograph which is made by placing objects between light-sensitive paper and a light source.  The photogram is based on the laws of photosensitivity. The areas of paper that receive light when exposed appear darker and the parts that do […]

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