Written Evaluation

I am quite pleased with the outcome of my final images, considering that I changed my theme last minute. I think that my target audience would be people, mainly between the ages of 17-27, who feel very strongly about the current state of UK politics, due to the graffiti that I saw and captured on film. I believe that these people would be working class, left-wing supporters who believe that the government is in a state. They would be both male and female and the audience would heavily be filled with students. I really didn’t manage my time for this project that well, as I changed my theme last minute which delayed my whole project. This also meant that because I took my pictures on film, instead of digitally, that I was delayed in getting them back, as I sent them off to get developed. The whole meaning of my project is to represent politics/ also mixed with industrial/street themes. I wanted to include the pictures I took that said “The only cuts we need are the tories on the guilotine” and “cut war not welfare” alongside pictures of the council flats to show how damaged our country is becoming, by all of the cuts made by the government. I also took a shot that stated to “choose the tories on June 8th for 5 more years of tor(y)ment”. I feel like this is a really powerful image as the sky was gray that day, and the fact that the graffiti artist turned the word “tory” into “tor(y)ment really makes me feel like the message that they were trying to send out to people was almost them trying to beg people to vote for anyone apart from the tories, to keep them out of parliament. I also tried to include some pattern into some of my images, which is why I included the one of the barbed wire, and the shots of the towers of flats, as the windows create a pattern in both of these shots. I also feel like the barbed wire shot is really important to this project, because it is actually a sign of oppression; prolonged cruel or unjust treatment of exercise of authority, and this is clearly how many, many people, myself included feel that this is how the government are treating their country.  Another meaning for oppression is ‘mental pressure or distress’ and because of all of the government cuts to things such as mental health services and school cuts, I believe that this image is extremely significant to my project. Although many people may not understand it, I believe that one they read into it, it will make a lot more sense to them.The whole production process dragged out quite a bit for me because as I have previously stated, I changed my theme last minute. But once I settled on my theme, and took my images it was quite easy. The process was actually very fun and interesting, as to find the graffiti, I had to walk all around Totnes, to several different locations because the artist had written the statements in different places.  Post Production was an extremely process for me, as I didn’t have any time to edit my images in photoshop like I wanted to. This was because I got my film sent back later than expected, and I completely ran out of time to edit them like I wanted to.  I think that my final images turned out better than I had expected. However, I feel they could’ve been improved if I had the time to edit them. I was going to take images of different topics ; homelessness/cuts against school funding march etc, and use displacement mapping to make the images look more interesting. I showed my final images to my classmates, and explained the concept and they said that they thought it was really interesting that I’d linked these images with politics the way that I had i.e the barbed wire image to represent oppression so I am really pleased that they understood the concept and overall I am pleased with how the final images turned out.


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