Online Sketchbook

Practice Shots: Had I not left this assignement so late, my practice shots would’ve had one theme and would be slightly more organised. However I believe the main theme from these images falls under the ‘street’ ategory, which is the theme my final images fall under anyway.

Darkroom Prints: 

These are some prints that I have made in the darkroom. The ones of the car were shot my me and developed by me in the darkroom. The second print of the car went blurry because I moved the lense as it was printing, but it’s just an example image. The rest of the prints are photograms that I made using resources that I had collected from around college.

Equiptment Considerations: When shooting my final images, I will need several pieces of equiptment to ensure that I get imagees that I am happy with. These include:

  • a tripod: incase i cannot capture a good image due to shaky hands, I will be using a tripod to ensure that my camera is still and I get some good images
  • SD Cards: So I am able to take pictures
  • Spare battery: I used a film camera for my final project, however I had a spare battery just incase mine ran out

Camera Techniques: 

Shallow Depth of Field: is when the aperture is  large, meaning that the areas infront of and behind the focal point of the image is very slim. This would mean that whatever is in front ofand behind the car for example, would be out of focus.

shallow depth of field

Slow Shutter Speed: slow shutter speed is the length of time when the film or sensor inside a camera is exposed to light, when the camera’s shutter is open taking a photograph. The amount of light that reaches the image sensor or film is proportional to the exposure time




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