Photography Portfolio

Final Images:

Creative Thinking: I was originally going to take portraits of people for my final project, to show how they identify and express themselves. However, I came across this graffiti in Totnes and decided that I wanted to change my theme to street/social documentary/ political. The graffiti was done in Totnes overnight before the 2017 General Election and I felt like I would be able to talk about it quite a lot, which is why I decided tot ake these images.

Genre: I believe that my phots come into three catergories which are; social documentary, street and political. I really feel as if these themes fit very well together and allow me to be quite creative whilst still portraying peoples messages and feelings about the current state of politics.

Research: Although my work isn’t really inspired by him, I did quite a lot of research on Henri Cartier-Bresson. I really loved looking at all of his different street photography images and the events and people that he captured in each of his shots. Below are a efw examples of some of my favourite shots:

I also really enjoyed looking at Garry Winogrand’s work, particularly his street photography. I really feel like he captured some beautiful images of important moments. I also really love how he captured a wide range of different people, and although I did not take shots of people, I feel like I really want to take some photos like his in the future.

With my images of the buildings, I was actually influenced by Shane Meadows, the director of This is England. Throughout both his Film This is England and the TV series This is England 86-90, Shane includes many similar shots of the outside of council flats/ buildings.



Location and Shooting Schedule:

Location: Totnes Town Centre/Plymouth

Shooting Schedule:

Date: 10th May 2017 Time: 5:30pm

I went to Totnes on Wednesday May 10th at 5:30pm, after college to take some of my photographs. The ones that I shot in Totnes were of the political graffiti. I felt like the person who had done this was really wanting to get a message across, and I really enjoyed finding the graffiti and taking pictures of it.

Date: Saturday 13th May 2017  Time: 12:30pm

On the Saturday of that week, I took the final images for my project. I went into the outskirts of Plymouth City Centre and took some shots of the council flats. I felt like these would add a slightly interesting element to my project because all of the patters and symmetry(windows etc) and make it slightly more interesting.

Equiptment Considerations: 

I did not require a booking form for any equiptment, as I used my personal film camera, purchased the film myself and didn’t require as SD card.

Health and Safety: 

There are several risks that I need to take into consideration whilst conducting my project to ensure that I stay as safe as possible. I think that the most important one is to be careful when crosing roads to get to all the things that I want to take pictures of. Another would be to make sure that I do not step on any dangerous objects such as broekn glass, as I will be going into alleyways and slightly rougher places so I must make sure that I take extra care when visiting my locations.

As I took my images on film, I actually ran out of time to edit them the way that I wanted to, as I recieved my prints back later than I had expected.


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