Interview Planning


Date: 13/05/2017

Time: 3:30pm

Location: Drift Records 103 High St, Totnes TQ9 5SN

Purpose of Article: The purpose of my interview is to find out and inform the public what it takes to run a record store and give information on music streaming and it’s effect on old-fashioned vinyl records.

Locations, times and Dates: 

  • I will be conducting my interview on the shop floor of Drift Records in Totnes. I chose this location because I feel like the atmosphere is extremely fitting for the subject of my interview. I also wanted to make sure that my interviewee felt comfortable throughout the interview, and his shop was obviously the correct location for that.
  • I will be doing my interview on Saturday May 13th at Drift Records in Totnes. Since my interviewee was only available on Saturdays after 3pm, i made sure that I went only after this time. this was not only convenient for Rupert (my interviewee) but also for me, as I was working other days of the week so I happened to only be free on Saturday.

Production Schedule: 

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.07.48

Contact list: 

Rupert Matthews, Drift Records, Totnes


Tracey turner, Tutor, South Devon College



Interview Script:

  • What made you decide to start Drift Records?
  • Drift has many positive reviews and has even won some awards. What do you think it is about your store that’s different to others, and means that people enjoy coming here as much as they do?
  • How has business been for you in the past year, and how would you rate the scene for independent record stores in the UK right now?
  • What’s it like to run an independent record store? What’s so special to you about it?
  • How do you feel about music streaming services such as Spotify?
  • What makes you optimistic for the future and what do you wish you could change about the music industry?
  • As well as running Drift, you also have your own newspaper ‘Deluxe’ and started your own music and arts festival ‘Sea Change’ last year. how did these come about?
  • How do you feel whenever stores close down? Does it affect you at all?
  • Have you found that the digital downloading scene has impacted your sales in any way? Do you find that people buy less CDs now because they can download them for less or do you think that illegal downloads are more of the culprit?
  • With the increase of digital downloads, low prices in mega-chains and so many online specialist stores; what do you think is the job of the local indie shop now, compared to in the 1990s?
  • If you weren’t in the music business, what do you think you’d be doing?

Clearance/Permission to interview:

i will not have to worry about copyright issues as the interview and answers will all be original content.

Equipment List: 

  • Dictaphone
  • Notepad
  • Pen
  • Camera/Phone
  • Adobe InDesign



The purpose of my interview was to find out what it’s like to run an independent record store and to also see if the digital downloading scene is affecting indie record stores at all. My article is for NME magazine so the target audience is 16-25 year olds (see below NME profile which shows mainly males aged average 24) and older who like to read about music. The target audience will also be Totnes locals and people aged 45 and up who used to buy vinyl in their younger days.


I believe that my location for the interview was extremely appropriate-i conducted the interview in Drift Records, at the coffee corner on the shop floor, as we were talking about their store. The shop was also very quite as I went after peak hours, so there were no disturbances during my interview.  I will be recording my interview on a dictaphone, which will be placed on the table we are sat at, so that i can get the best audio quality possible.


Today I will be speaking to a friendly local music shop, Drift records, who have been in business since 1990. Many of the locals find this a home from home because of their open and welcoming atmosphere. i spoke with Rupert, to get the low-down on music, culture and what it takes to run a record store.

Technical Considerations:

To make sure that my project runs smoothly, I will need a dictaphone to record my interview and also use my mobile phone as a backup device incase my dictaphone battery dies. I will need to back up my work as the project unfolds like uploading work to wordpress or saving work on a separate memory stick so that I don’t lose any valuable research or images.


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